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The Actual Programme

For concerts, which cannot be booked online, please phone +49 6185 818622

The Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Wil Salden presents from January 2020 an outstanding new programme, which will thrill people of all ages and from all over the world. [more...]

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The world of music is still inspired by numerous, unforgettable tunes and arrangements, even more than 80 years since the formation of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. [more...]

Still today Glenn Miller and his music are known and loved. Following his early death during the war the orchestra initially performed without a conductor. But a classical big band needs a leader who is more than a conductor: someone, who guides the orchestra in musical terms, but who also motivates the musicians and inspires them to give their best.



Glenn Miller was succeeded by Tex Beneke, then several others helmed the big band. On March 3rd, 1990 a special moment happened on Broadway in New York: the president of Glenn Miller Productions, Inc., Mr. David Mackay, Jr. appointed Wil Salden leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra of Europe. Wil Salden was born in Obbicht in the Netherlands on 14th June 1950. He studied at the Maastricht Academy of Music. During his studies he performed gigs with smaller bands and soon founded his own. In 1978 the arranger and bandleader began to focus on Glenn Miller’s music. On his tours he had witnessed time and again how Glenn Miller’s music enthused the audience of concerts and guests at balls. Wil Salden drew the consequences and gradually rearranged his repertoire. Being the perfectionist that he is, he looked at the sources and Glenn Miller’s story and struck gold. He found the original musical scores, which gave him access to Glenn Miller’s own arrangements, which he performs.



Glenn Miller’s unmistakable sound builds on two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, and a clarinet. Wil Salden: “In our orchestra the clarinet leads and is accompanied by four saxophones, as it was with Glenn Miller.” Wil Salden has high expectations of each member of his orchestra. The big band was build with great care. Numerous tours and radio or television appearances make it one of the most demanded ensembles in the world.