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The Actual Programme

For concerts, which cannot be booked online, please phone +49 6185 818622

The Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Wil Salden presents from January 2020 an outstanding new programme, which will thrill people of all ages and from all over the world. [more...]

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The world of music is still inspired by numerous, unforgettable tunes and arrangements, even more than 80 years since the formation of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. [more...]

Wil Salden was born in Obbicht/Netherlands, on June 14, 1950. A young fan of the Sweet and Swing music of the forties, he studied piano at the conservatory in Maastricht from 1967-1972. During his student days he performed time and again with small bands, and soon formed his own.


In 1978 the orchestra leader began his Glenn Miller studies and building from his orchestra. Since 1985 Wil Salden tours with his Glenn Miller Orchestra throughout Europe and achieves great triumphs. Sold out houses, standing ovations, he can strike a remarkable balance.


4.750 concerts with audiences of more then 5,5 Million since 1985. Since 28 years licensee to go by the original name Glenn Miller Orchestra for Europe. A remarkable achievement to his credit: The preservation of Glenn Millerís music and the effort to take this music to every town as to continue its popularity. His goal: To please and excite the audience.